Edit ticket

At some point you may want to make changes to the bet tickets you already placed. With "Edit ticket" option you can add a new selection to your ticket or even replace some selections from the ticket with a better variant. This option is easy to use, all you need to do is:

  1. Enter the bet history
  2. Choose "Edit ticket" option on one of your tickets
  3. Make changes in your ticket by adding or replacing some selections
  4. Confirm the changes

Please find bellow what changes are you allowed to make to your tickets.

  1. In case of Single bet tickets you can only add new selections. Doing this your Single bet ticket will become a Multi bet ticket.
  2. In case of a Multi bet ticket you can add new selections, but also replace existing selections with other ones. However the replace option is availeble only under the following conditions:
    • The selection you want to replace must not be completed.
    • The selection you want to replace must not be included in the "Live" section of our Sport page.
    • The odds of the replacing selection must be equal or higher than the odds of the replaceable selection at the time you want to make the change, regardless of the odds specified in your ticket.
    • A selection cannot be replaced by the same selection with higher odds.
    • The replaceable selection must be active at the time of replacement, otherwise the replacement won't be possible.

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